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Dave Hartl


Dave started performing on accordion at the age of 5 and continues to find success with it via performances with The Night Café Trio and The Philadelphia Orchestra . Dave also plays piano , guitar, bass, Chapman Stick and every synthesizer ever made. He was on the faculty of U of A , has done almost 100 musical theater productions and has played for Joni Mitchell, Andrea Bocelli , Aretha Franklin , Smokey Robinson and many others.

Dave's first thought when he first saw the Ensemble was: ‘they need some Zappa !' So, he crammed Frank Zappa’s music into their instrumentation and wound up making a seat for himself at the table with the Virtual Accordion.

In addition to performing and arranging with the Ensemble he also works with tribute groups for Linda Ronstadt and Dionne Warwick , plays Celeste and Piano for the Southeastern PA Symphony and has recorded 5 albums of original music.

Dave Hartl
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