These images of Mano Divina are being preserved in the RCA archives and the Franklin Institute of Philadelphia. 

Photography by Robert Hakalski

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“Breathless entertainment that leaves you hanging on every note and gesture as Divina hypnotizes electricity to release the voices of angels from the air with this finger tips”

“Their music can only be described as ethereal, eloquent, and mesmerizing. Divina and company's expertise is immediately apparent. Experiencing one of their shows will be something that will be remembered for a lifetime and the powerful stage presence of Mano Divina should be seen by every music lover.”

“There aren't many bands that could go from playing 16th century funerary music in a cemetery to opening for Pope Francis's world address on the Parkway to backing the Lady in the Radiator from David Lynch's Eraserhead all within the span of one week but the Divine Hand are no ordinary band."

“Mano Divina stands at the center of the Theremin universe. When it comes to the Theremin, Mano Divina shows it, tells it, and most importantly, entertains you with it."

"They performed divinely for the world's pilgrims just prior to Pope Francis's papal mass."

"Their cover of 'In Heaven' from David Lynch's Eraserhead is somehow even more captivating than the original. An ourobouros of oddness. Enchants and delights with music unlike any other."

"Making Classical Music Cool"

"A group of very talented musicians committed to shattering the stereotype that classical music is stuffy and unattainable by performing arrangements of Rock, Blues, Jazz, and even Reggae songs mixed in with opera arias, chamber music, and classical standards. They do everything from Mozart to Motorhead."

"They defy easy categorization which is a rare trait in a music scene that constantly compares groups. They move beyond a genre to move an audience."

"If you don't like classical music, this is the band that will change your mind. This group has a strong commitment to defy the expectations of Classical artists."

"Wildly talented, Divina and his ensemble dazzle their audience without resorting to pretentiousness. Their musical renditions are thoroughly distinctive and hands-down dynamic–expressive at times and ethereal in others. Plus, there is something uniquely enriching in a form of musical entertainment wherein science meets magic in a daring fusion that does not only sound naturally pleasing to the ears but is also downright fun.”

"Divine Hand bring a sense of fun, without dipping into kitch.
They prefer a sexier theatricality, a hypnotic sensuality, stirred on by the purring strings and whirring theremin. Their swirling, cinematic take on "Ghost Town" is particuarly haunting"

"They enchant and dazzle audiences by creating inspiring and elegant 21st century classical music not seen or heard before."

Fern Brodkin
The Ticket's Review of their 100th show

"They continue to break down the barriers between classical music, traditional limitations, and connecting to an audience. They've broken new ground in the genre with not only their repertoire but the places that they perform."

Dan Deluca

"The Divine Hand Ensemble make ghostly, beautiful music whether they're covering Black Sabbath or paying tribute to David Lynch's Eraserhead"

Debbi Calton
on air at WMGK

"Thrilling, mesmerizing, unlike anything you have ever seen. I was blown away by their take on Zappa"

"Pure magic! As fascinating to watch as it is to hear"

"Electrifying, dazzling, and hypnotic"

"Divine Hand delivers pure magic."

“An amalgamation of magic, science, and music”

“Enchanting! Holds the audience spell bound”

"Divina holds complete physical and emotional poise, 

concentration and control over his instrument.”

"Classical music for the 21st century”

“Refining the art of playing the theremin”

"Haunting and beautiful, a moving experience"

"Classical music does not change very often, but we're always in for a shock when it does. The Divine Hand Ensemble has done exactly that through the works of Mano Divina and a few radical Americans. The extremely talented group from Philadelphia consists of a thereminist, string quartet,  two harpists and percussion. These musicians give a flawless performance; their fine musicianship and incredible talent is ever apparent throughout the entire concert. For music lovers of all ages, The Divine Hand Ensemble is a must see experience that will leave a remarkable impression for a lifetime."

"There certainly is divinity in their music. Thank you for allowing the world to be touched by the Divine hand of God through music."

"Congratulations to your fine violinist, for a sensitive and expressive portrayal of our Art"

"...Enchant and delight with music unlike any other... as Mano Divina draws music out of the air as a master of the Theremin"

"At the hands of Mano Divina the Theremin sounds divine"

"Enriching, openhearted, unpretentious, and down right fun... wildly talented, diverse and quirky"

"A 93 year old instrument played without contact - that's past, present, and future. Pitch and volume determined by movement of the hands - that's mind and body. But when Mano Divina makes that Theremin sing - well, that's soul"

"Bends his eye on vacancy and with the very air doth hold discourse"