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 The Laurel Hill Cemetery released a phone APP walking tour. Underneath the narration and histories lies the score written and performed by the Divine Hand Ensemble. It includes Funerary music, originals and compositions written by the dead buried there. 10 of our favorites are now available as a free downloadable EP here. 

1 Funerary Polka

2 Funerary March

3 Lacrimosa

4 Afterlife Aria

5 Spirit's Flight

6 Stone Angels

7 Benson's Crypt

8 Ghost Gliss

9 Funerary Theme

10 Funerary Violin


Recorded on Lammas Night at the 

Divine HandQuarters.

Produced by Jon Salmon.

Funerary Music dates back to the 16th Century.

It was composed and performed for the

dead only, transforming the profound sorrow of death into a thing of beauty.

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