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Candace Lark-Masucci


Seasoned harpist Candace Lark has performed for hundreds of events. She's shared the stage with many orchestras, Lansdown Symphony, Mainline Symphony, and the Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra to state a few. She is a repeat performer at many of Philadelphia's top performance venues like The Academy Of Music, The Kimmel Center, and the Wilma Theater. She is a sought-after harpist in the tri-state area performing regularly with various ensembles, and collaborating on special projects.

Her tendency to shy away from mainstream harp repertoire has led her to be the harpist for very unique groups like Thee Illharmonic Hip-Hop Orchestra,  and The Divine Hand Ensemble. 

In addition to her harp career Candace has utilized her years of experience and Created The Happy Musician Coaching. Her coaching helps musicians create and meet specific goals while cultivating a mindset for musical success. 

Candace pursued a unique path in her secondary education; attending Arcadia University and creating her own Individualized Major in Music Performance and Special Education utilizing what she learned to be accessible to everyone who wants to learn music.

When she's not playing or coaching you can find her with her dog, her husband, a good book, and good music.

Candace Lark-Masucci
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